Financial and administrative Automation

Samagraph Company with it's expert and technical team has the ability to analysis, outlines and performance different network projects in each size.
Some of the abilities of this company is to launch local networks, centralized customer management system with master cards ,launch secure networks and producing ordered softwares for transformation, encoding and decoding information.
These are some network projects :
To launch the mail server
To launch different web services
To launch personal networks between the offices
For performing these projects Samagraph has professional teams in this filds:

Networking hardware team:

This team includes professional staff in networking hardwares that has the task to launch the hardware of the network. Some of the tasks of this group is to launch and adjustment of routers, servers and switches.

Software Team:

The task of this team is to installation and adjustment the network softwares and secure the software.

Programming and analysis Team:

This team's duty is to analysis, providing software solutions and software development . According to the organization or company's needs produce the proper software.
For more information call the central office.

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2 مهر 1391
SamaGraph CMS (Content Management System) is a system installing on your website and give you and extreme power to manage every part of your website even the design.
With SamaGraph CMS you can manage your site pages, the way they display, member system, intli SMS system and banner, and etc .
Classify your projects, Create employees, Create task for employees, See the project process, let you customer see the project process, export project details report.
manage projects in groups, create for each project a manager or manager for a group of project.
Create you new Potential customers, log the conversations, manage appointments, manage percentage of sale, manage sales agents, report new customers, Missed cusmtomers comments.
Online SamaGraph accounting software with different parts of the Treasury, warehousing, payroll and ... .
Is suitable for small and large businesses. This software also enables you to connect your website's online shopping and your accounting.


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